Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just a Bit Naughty: Finding work without a visa

The Spanish and Greek islands have lots of opportunities for backpackers to find a bit of summer work. Usually you will start off flyering for a club, bar or restaurant. In Greece they also have what they call a Kamaki. This is a charismatic person who stands at the entrance and chats up passers enticing them to come in for a meal or a cocktail. It never ceased to amaze me that this actually works. There is also waitressing jobs and then the more experienced nab the bartending gigs. I found even hotels and small tour companies in Greece will hire you without papers.

Jobs like these aren’t just in the Med. You can get a job almost anywhere in the world where there is tourism. Why? you speak English. English is the common language. It’s even easier to find work if your female. Machismoism can be very fustrating at times but it can work to your advantage. Girls bring in male customers and who is actually spending the money? A lot of times employers are more likely to hire a girl than a guy.

Why wouldn’t they just hire a local? Well the pay is low, long hours and you can be working a touristic season which is 7 days a week for 6 months if you can last it. In a lot of places the locals would rather keep their pride and stay unemployed.

How can business owners get away with this? You are working illegally so you can’t complain. There is no contract and you are easily replaceable.
Why you put up with it? The chance to live in paradise and an incredible experience. You are able to prolong your trip and perhaps save a bit of money.

Hostels are very transient places for backpackers to find work all over the world. There are even several sites where you can find one in advance.

Enjoy life under the water? Become a dive master and you can work all over the globe, with or without proper papers.

Stones, Strawberries, eggplant, apples, bananas, grapes, olives, all things that need to be picked. Its back breaking hard work but in Europe, Australia, Canada, United States just to name a few you can find work picking fruit or working on a farm.

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