Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A single female traveler

Some people call me a free spirit, a gypsy, or just plain crazy. Travel has been my life for quite some time now; I studied travel and tourism in college, worked in a travel agency and for an airline. After years of working in offices and sending other people away, I felt like I was only working for my next trip and not really living my life so I packed up and took off for the world. Since then I have been traveling and working random jobs in the most amazing places.

My roots are in Canada but I don’t tend to call it home and you’ll never catch me with a maple leaf sewn to my backpack. It’s not that I have anything against the place; however I do find my part of the Great White North quite boring. There are so many other countries in the world to learn about and experience. Why limit yourself to the one you were born in?

The road less travelled is my home and the people I meet along the way are my country folk. I am not on a break, doing an internship or volunteering. I am not getting this out of my system before the doom of serious adult life falls upon me. This is my life.

When am I going to return to reality? Oh right you mean other people’s perception of reality. Am I ever going to, dare I say settle down? Settle, no, but have a base somewhere, sure. However that place is yet to be found and I will keep moving until I find that place.

As for being “a single female traveller,” I will refer to a quote an English friend whom I met in Mexico left in a book for me; “If we are lost, may we never be found. Let’s hope we are found by someone who also wants to remain lost.” James

People tell me they wish they could do what I do, or that I am very lucky. It’s not about luck or wishing; it’s about growing some huevos and doing it. If you really want to, you will do it. Perhaps with my blog I can help and inspire you with real honest experiences from the life of a traveling single girl.

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  1. very nice article...

    i like this line:

    "Why limit yourself to the one you were born in?"

  2. Dear Tracy at thegringatrail.blogspot.com,

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