Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Peru?

A friend recently asked me, why Peru? To me this is a very odd question, why not Peru? I guess to most people this would make sense, I mean in general people have reasons for going places and doing things. For me I go and find out the “why” along the way.
I have only been in Peru for 2 weeks and have mostly been in the capital Lima checking out the sights and taking in the lovely life of luxury. In this short amount of time I have had many of what I call my “why Peru” moments, where I am experiencing bouts of pure traveller euphoria and thinking to myself, “this is F**king why Peru!!”
Most recently I just got back from a weekend away from the city to the Oasis of Huacachina. I have been to deserts and Oasis’ before in Egypt and Jordan but I am starting to learn from my Peruvian friends, everything is better in Peru. Huacachina is basically a small lagoon surrounded by a ring of palm trees and cascading mountains of sand. This place is a resort getaway for Peruvians, a party town for backpackers and a paradise for extreme sport lovers.
The one thing I have missed about Canada since being gone for 4 years is snowboarding. I am too used to warm weather that staying in Canada in minus 30C temperatures to enjoy my favourite sport isn’t really an option. I have discovered the perfect solution to my dilemma; sandboarding!
I took a tour along with my new couch surfing Lima friends in a dune buggy which felt more like we were in a rollercoaster gunning it down the steep dunes to commence our sandboarding. I discovered it is quite a bit different to snowboarding, you can’t carve so well and its quite easy to get stuck in the sand but overall it’s a very similar sport and I am on my way to becoming a pro! Although after watching the international sandboarding competition that was going on this past weekend I’m not too sure.
My Peruvian friends found an out of the way Pisco and Wine gallery which this region is known for. This place was very local and very rustic with motorbikes parked out front, strange statues and stuffed animals for decorations, free flowing sweet wine and people dancing away in the middle of the afternoon. As this was the make up for my lack of birthday celebration the previous Monday, Disgracie came out in full force. My drunken charm did however work to get us all our drinks paid for and treated to dinner in the city of Ica for Pollo a La Brasa, where jugs of Pisco sour were brought to our table.
Still wondering why Peru? More answers to come....

Friday, November 20, 2009

The World’s Worst Tourist

I suppose I haven’t gotten into the swing of being a tourist again. Although I never really was a good tourist in the first place, I feel now I have declined even more so.

After traveling 8 hours on a bus almost getting denied entry into the USA and then spending 12 hours on two planes I arrived to Lima, Peru. I took a cab straight to my couch surfing house. I was tired, hungry, and thirsty and my armpits were starting to smell like cheese. After a shower though I was fully up for going out. Several Pisco sours later I am drunk and dancing in a classy bar that doesn’t even have a dance floor. The things you can get away with when you are a Gringa. I even had the bartender doing the ol’ air guitar.

My first day in Lima was spent sleeping cuddling my bottle of water and nursing a hangover. I did eventually get out and explore the centre for a while but I didn’t bring my camera. My couch surfing friend thought it would be a great idea to get seafood. Hangover and tentacles don’t mix too well.

My second day I explored the beaches of Miraflores, This time with my camera. I was set! Except for the fact that it was clear sunny and sweltering hot and I was wearing jeans and no sunscreen. My jeans were glued to my butt all day and now half my face is beat red and the shape of my necklace is burned into my chest.

As for my plans, I have none. I do not know how long I will stay in Lima or what I am really doing here. I’m hanging out seeing things, taking in the lifestyle. Who needs plans anyway? I will leave when I figure out where to go next.

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