Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Santorini, Greece

The island of romance and sunsets. As a young female traveler I was advised by the locals in Athens to skip Santorini and head to the party islands of Ios or Mykonos. I ignored them, as I do and went straight to Santorini on the 12 hour ferry. Once there I didn’t leave for 6 months.
This volcanic island has it all. For backpackers the beach village of Perissa is the best budget choice. It has two roads, the main road and the beach road. For accommodations check out either Anny’s studio or the youth hostel Ana. There is even a campsite for the extreme budget travelers. Be aware of August high season. The beaches are packed, the hotels are full and every moped on the island is rented out by the hordes of Italians that descend on the island.
Renting a moped or a quad is actually the best way of seeing the island. You are able to check out the beautiful Vlichada beach (dare to bare), the dramatic red beach, the light house, then check out the traditionally Greek villages in the interior such as Pyrgos. You can motor up to the Capital Fira and catch the sunset in Oia. Fira can be reached easily by bus from Perissa as well. It is a beautiful village with white washed buildings transcending the cliff. Supplies are still brought in by donkey. Check prices before ordering anything a Cactus juice will run you more than 10euros.
Travel agencies and hotels sell options to take a sunset cruise in the caldera and see the volcano, which is just a pile of rocks, no lava here. Not highly recommended. You can also take a wine tour but I advise going to a family run smaller vineyard rather than the giant. The Gavalas winery is a very good one and has been in the same family for over 400 years!!

Between Perissa and Kamari you have a massive hill in the way. If you look at it from a certain angle it looks like an Indian head laying down. On the top of his face is the ancient city if Thira. Built over 3000 years ago. A path leads up where you can check out the old ruins. It offers a nice hike with scenic views of the villages and Aegean, with free entrance to the site. (this could have changed).

As for the night scene on the island. You have big night clubs in Fira, night spots on the beach where the beautiful, the rich and the posers hang out Perivolous and the backpackers party place Perissa.

The Full Moon Bar and the Beach Bar have been rivals for years. Both are great just depends where you want to drink, on the beach or in a bar with a dance floor and a pub style porch.
Sex on the beach, Pina Coloda, Tequila Sunrise, Mythos, Amstel, Ouzo....you can have it all but watch out for the Rahki its a killer!!

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  1. Πολύ καλά ειπωμένα, και χωρίς υπερβολές!
    Very well said, and without exaggerations!


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