Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am very behind in this blog at the moment I have so much to write about Colombia but I really have the need to express something else at this moment.
In the last few months I have been living a wonderful life and seeing some fantastic things. I really believe in taking in every moment and really enjoying life, being happy and not stressing. Many people think I should settle down and be more serious. So many people work so hard to build a future for them which is great. It’s nice to know you will be well off and not have to worry when you are older. Although what happens if you don’t get old? You work every day saving up, investing, putting in those extra hours in the office, missing opportunities. All this to earn respect, to move up in the company, to create an empire, to build a future, to be able to enjoy retirement, to make sure your children have a future and opportunities. You wait to travel when you’re older, you say one day when I have built something for myself I will go there, I will do that.

What if you die tomorrow? What if you go to the hospital with the flu and three days later you die of Leukemia? Am I being harsh or dramatic? No because this is what happened today to my cousin’s fiancé. He was 25, and they have a baby of 7 months. They were supposed to get married in June. I had bought a nice purple dress in Bogota for the wedding. It’s shocking and something you think only happens in movies but it’s very real. Tragedy has struck many times already in 2010. Very good friends of my parent’s son died this past January in a snow mobile accident at the age of 22. As well just the other day one of my best friends from home sent me a message saying her Dad passed from a heart attack. There was the tragedy in Haiti and now Chile. After all of this I am very reflective and a bit sad. I worry about my grandparents who are elderly and I love dearly. Its hard when you are so far away and can’t say goodbye.

Currently I have no career, I do not have a boyfriend, I am not married and I do not have kids. I do not have an apartment. My house is my backpack. I travel where I want and for how long I want. My future is unknown, but so is yours.
Please tell the important people in your life you love them every day. Do not hold grudges; say you’re sorry even though it wasn’t your fault. Love with all your heart and love like you have never been hurt. Work like you don’t need money. Sing to the radio as loud as you can even if you can’t sing at all. Dance like you do when no one is watching. Let your inner child out and have fun. Make every moment of your life a sublime experience. Do not wait for tomorrow. No one can assure you that you will see tomorrow's sunrise. Life is now, right now, there is no waiting.

Life is a gift don't wait to open it, savour it now.

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