Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Colombia; to stay or to go?

I was infatuated with Colombia even before I knew the country then I fell in love. I was crushed leaving to work in Canada but I knew I would return. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but also time changes things and that new love wares off. I am still passionate about this country but I have come to realize Colombia isn’t it for me, or Santa Marta isn’t it. I thought it would be. I thought this was the place for me but since returning I have felt very unsettled. Each minute I change my mind about staying or leaving. I originally wanted to fly to Argentina from here but then I decided to stay and work in the hostel again in Santa Marta. The area is beautiful, I know it, and I love the beaches, the parties and the people. Santa Marta is comfortable and this is why I need to leave. I need to be inspired, I need adventures and to discover new places. I need to be writing. I can not stay working in the hostel.

Some people don’t like to keep a journal but I believe it helps. You remember why you made the choices you did and why you act a certain way. I realized each time I start traveling after working for a long time I feel out of sorts and misplaced. I feel the need to stay in one place but then that doesn’t feel right either. It takes me a while to get back into traveling and to spending money without any coming back in. I almost stayed in Guatemala to work at the Piscina in San Pedro two years ago then last year I accepted then changed my mind about working in the Kokopeli hostel in Lima Peru at the beginning of my travels.

I am a traveler and the road is calling my name I just need to listen to it. I became very frustrated when I couldn’t find a flight under $900 to Buenos Aires but do I really need to go to Argentina now? I don’t have any solid plans which mean I am open to anything. People had suggested different options to me but I wouldn’t listen even if they made complete sense. It wasn’t until I had lost all hope when the Brazilian walked in. He was leaving for Medellin and forgot his laundry. Brazil! The Amazon! The Amazon is my dream for this trip but being here I have lost sight of that.

A guy here in the hostel has a tattoo that says “The obstacle is the path” There was my answer all along. Colombia is my path to Brazil. I don’t even know all of Colombia because I spent so much time in Santa Marta working. It makes sense to stay in Colombia but travel it and get to know it better. Rediscover why I fell in love with this magnificent country. I have a feeling my adventures in Colombia are just beginning.

My Colombia I am not leaving you yet.

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