Saturday, March 19, 2011

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Ok so I have let my blog go to the wayside, I haven´t written anything is two months and I left myself hanging in Cordoba Argentina with a knob pertruding out from my elbow. I went on about me being a writer and needing to "write now" so what happened? Well life happened and traveling happened, my other passion. I wasn´t traveling open ended I knew at one point I would come back to this ice cube of a country so I let myself get swept away in the wirlwind of travel. At first this really bothered me that i wasn´t writing I felt like I was failing myself but a good friend reminded me I didn´t have that extra reflection time that I would normally have with my long winded open ended travels. As well sometimes you need just live in the moment take in what is happening and enjoy. Its like when an incredible moment happens and you have two decisions; One, you can pick up your camera and hope to catch the moment so you can save it for all time or the second option you can leave your camera, just be in that moment and let your senses take it all in; the smell, the sounds and the sights. You didn´t miss the moment reaching for a camera and trying to take a great shot. You may not have that incredile picture to show off but the memory will always be with you. I paused for a while and didn´t pick up my pen, I didn´t miss any of the incredible moments I experienced in Argentina or Brazil but I am still a writer non the less and I have come back to the blog to fill in on every crazy thing that happened. So I am going to pick up in Argentina where I left off...

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