Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brazil; My Happy Place

In the book The Beach the author Alex Garland talks about how each one of the island's residents has a particular place in the world. They are all travellers but each personality has a place. For one it was Indonesia, another India. My best friend Candice who loves the ocean and gets happy goose bumps from watching the movie Blue Crush has a destination and that is Australia. An ex co-worker of mine who loves snow did the opposite of me and followed winter around the world; she fell in love with New Zealand. My ex whose favourite colour is tan belongs in the desert...I probably should have known our demise from the beginning as my favourite colour is green and I belong in the tropics. Give me lush green jungles, humidity, white sand beaches, perfect turquoise waters and lots and lots of palm trees!! Give me Colombia and give me Brazil!! You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I looked out at the ocean in front of me; the green hills behind me and the sun shine beating down on me. The other Tracy was nowhere to be found but that was ok I ran out to the end of the little island that sat in front of our hostel. The green grass contrasted with the black rocks in the water and the blue waves crashing on them. Then I did what I hadn’t done in quite a while. I did a, holy shit I am F-ing here happy dance. I threw up my arms and twirled myself around and then, yes I admit it I may have sang the Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music. Thank god it was 7am and no one was around to see this nut job.

I was in my happy place


  1. I got happy bumps reading your blog :) I NEED to go to Brazil one day!


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