Friday, August 12, 2011

Don't worry I am fixing the situation!!

Ok so it has been brought to my attention that my blog postings from this year have been lacking the edge and saucy-ness that I had previously. This is supposed to be an honest blog of the random adventures of a single female traveller and well I seem to be missing quite a bit of juice to my stories. Sorry!! I am taking into consideration that friends are probably reading this as well and I don't want to hurt anyone but as a writer I should be honest. For instance my Sex Lives of Travellers posting didn't say too much...why did I leave out that the English girl's first sexual experience was a threesome?? Don't know.
My Argentinean friend always bothered me to write a naughty Tracy blog....but would he want the world to know we had sex in the dorm bathroom? oops...that wasn't me...really!
I might not give out all info and if I do it would be in a different blog but I will return to my style of 2009/2010 and give you a bit more.
Take into mind I was in a weird place in Argentina, I wasn't really writing so much and I felt like shit. I am still catching up on Brazil where things got back to normal Gringa Trail style so hold onto your seats...

Double the Tracy, double the fun!!

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