Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leave Brazil right before Carnaval?? Were we crazy?

Was I falling for a city?? Of all places! Sao Paulo was something different than what I had expected and I was excited for the Antique market that was going to be full of hippies and gypsy Brazilian types that was to take place the next day but then The Other Tracy’s Brazilian friend had asked us to come to the Coast with him to him hometown. I am never one to say no to a random adventure with a local so I was all for it but first there was one thing we needed to take care of.

While on the beaches of Florianopolis Tracy joined me in my ridiculous jumping, dancing and splashing happiness that Brazil brought me. While jumping around like idiots in the ocean we both thought, why the heck are we leaving this country so soon?! I know we had just arrived but there was no way we could only stay until Feb 28! That would make it just five weeks in Brazil and we would be leaving right before Carnaval. This just did not make sense! Being in Brazil right around Carnaval and then leaving, what were we thinking?! Ok yes I know what we were thinking, it was going to be crazy expensive, commercial and with huge crowds. As well would it take away from the amazing Carnaval experience I had in Barranquilla Colombia last year?

Well the one thing we were certain on was we had to stay longer in Brazil! We decided to stay for Carnaval and thought perhaps not Rio. Rio is the big deal but we were looking for something a bit different, and Carnaval is all over Brazil, so we were bound to find one that was a fit for us.

At first I thought something was working against me staying in Brazil as nothing was going right at the Tam agency in Sao Paulo we went to, to change our flights. I was frustrated and withholding my bitchiness. Our Brazilian friend came to my rescue and drove us to the airport where they effortlessly change my flight with minimal cost. Apparently it wasn’t the universe against me, it was a stupid Tam agent with a unibrow who wanted to add me to facebook (Gross!).

It was official we were staying in Brazil for Carnaval. Two more months in Brazil....or should I stay longer??

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