Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jobs of a Traveler- What's your list?

I seemed to have spent the same amount of money in six weeks in the U.K. than I would have in South America in six months….

In other words I came back slightly broke. I wasn’t counting my pennies because I knew I would come back to a job and well…my parent’s basement. I went back working casually for the radio station I worked for the summer before and I got a job at a ski hill.

However we travelers are quite the resilient folk. It’s quite normal to travel for months, sometimes years on your savings not knowing what you are going to do when that money runs out. Things have a way of working out, they always do sometimes we need to remind ourselves that but we are the types who seize opportunities.

This means we have had some pretty random jobs to get us by and get us traveling again.

So fellow travelers and bloggers out there, here is my list, what does yours look like?

  • World’s Famous Fries Chip truck
  • Funtastic Funhouse – play place for children (Ghetto chucky Cheese)
  • An office assistant in a travel agency
  • Line worker in Truck Plant at General Motors
  • Customer Service Consultant – Encore Cruises
  • Customer Service Consultant – Lufthansa Airlines
  • Cocktail Waitress – Meltemi Bar, Santorini, Greece
  • Biglands Bakery, Southampton, England
  • Assisted passengers at Southampton Cruise ship docks
  • Receptionist, Tour Guide, Hostel manager – Hostal Pochon, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Writer for a English newspaper in Mexico
  • Waitress beach restaurant – Roatan Honduras
  • Picked stones out of a farmers field (what’s the name for this job? Farm lackey?)
  • Waitress – Hiawatha Native reserve
  • Advantage Disaster restoration – Restoring houses after floods and fires.
  • Hostel receptionist – The Dreamer Hostel, Santa Marta, Colombia
  • Activities Co-coordinator/ Supervisor on a river cruise
  • Cruiser girl for radio station
  • Devil’s Elbow Ski resort – Worked in Pro shop and rental shop
  • Flight attendant on a private jet
  • Receptionist/Traffic assistant for a radio station.

Do the last few surprise and intrigue you? Well I will be getting to those later….

Until next time!!

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