Sunday, May 13, 2012

Leaving on a Private Jet Plane

Private Jet

Many people who know me wonder how the heck I can stand to stay in Canada for so long. I returned to this country last March from Brazil, went on a six week trip to the UK in October/November but here I am still kicking around. Got itchy feet, they ask me.

Itchy? ITCHY?! You have no idea. What I got is more than just itchy feet! Take the worst case of athletes feet, take the itch from chicken pox and add that to my tootsies and give them some poison icy for good measure and that’s the kind of itchy feet I have! Of course I want to take off and get away from my shitty jobs, my parents (whom I live with), my red neck town and the cold of this country but I promised I wouldn’t take off until I got myself published and seeing as how I have yet to come anywhere near to accomplishing that goal I will most likely meet my demise…I will die of itchy feet.

 Or so I thought until I got a late night text. Which normally I would ignore instead for some reason I looked at my phone and it was my pilot friend. You may remember him from such blogs postings as

Twilight Zone of Great Abaco Island

 Go on its O.K. you can familiarize yourself again it really was a great posting and a very random trip. 

Well my pilot friend had another offer of a random trip. He knew a private jet company that was looking for a flight attendant to do a Toronto – New York trip. I had absolutely no experience  and quite frankly nothing to wear!! When I was told the pay I couldn't refuse.

Right away I changed my work schedule at the radio station, told the ski hill I was finished for the season dumped my car at home and stole my parent’s car and drove the hour and a half to the Toronto airport for training.  

My training consisted of me making a list in the dark with a flash light of what the pilot needed to buy for the flight, such as alcohol, snacks, dishes, a vacuum….basically everything to equip the jet because it hadn’t flown in months.

“Any questions?” he asked me.

A million flooded into my head; what do I do? How do I serve the people? Where do I get the food? What do I wear? Is this the training? What about safety? Where is my hotel? Do I have to pay for my hotel?” I didn’t really bother to ask though I was getting paid money to do what I do best; travel! And 

                          I was going to New York City!!

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