Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The best Restaurant in Colombia: El Maná Restaurante Ejecutivo, San Gil

I’m sure there are a lot of culinary delights in Colombia that span across the different regions I guess I should say the best restaurant I have experienced so far or the best deal around. After Adventure girl got back from her expedition she was starving. All that activity made me insanely hungry. The night before I had ran out of a Gringo sandwich shop that everyone raved about because I couldn’t fathom paying some gringo 10 000pesos for a sandwich no matter how good it was or how nice the guy is that owns it. I ended up eating meat on a stick in the park with a can of beer. Street meat was not going to suffice this time around. My insides were literally starting to eat themselves. The group I went on my tour with had recommended a restaurant and we all decided to meet and go together. I was a bit apprehensive but the tattooed American hadn’t steered me wrong yet. It was a local restaurant that seems a bit too fancy. It had green table clothes and waitresses with green vests and black ties. We all ordered our mains which was a choice or fish, grilled chicken, chicken stuffed with cheese and ham, pork, steak or pasta. I went with the Chicken stuffed with ham and cheese in a wine sauce. That was just the main though.

First a plate of papaya was placed in front of me. This made me quite happy but my pleasure increased when that plate was taken away and a plate of little garlic bread and salsa was placed in front of me along with water and a glass of lemonade. I seem to be pleased by small things because I was loving this place. The service was quick and every time I finished a plate a new one arrived in front of me. After the bread then came soup with corn bread to dip in and more bits of the tiny garlic bread came back. I’m usually not a huge fan of the soups they serve in Colombian restaurants but this one was actually really good without big chucks of yucca, corn or a big bone floating in it. My stomach was starting to fill at this point but with a little pep talk we were back in the game and ready for the main course which came with more lemonade! Yes they are that good; they know how much juice I drink!

My stuffed chicken breast came with wedge potatoes, rice with long grains and a salad. The creamy wine sauce topped it off. I had to take photos of this meal to remember.

Just when I thought it was over, I had reached the gastronomic climax these goddesses in disguise as waitresses came out with a dessert. Bless them something sweet to top it off. I think if it was chocolate cake I would have actually kissed them. It was still delicious though little bits of flan and caramel cake. I was satisfied beyond belief but the best and most shocking part of this restaurant sent to me from the heavens was the price. All of this food and drinks was 9000pesos that translates to about $4.50usd!!

If you are in San Gil you need to experience El maná Restaurante Ejecutivo but keep in mind it is only open for a few hours in the evening. Trust me your stomach with thank you!

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  1. I'm in San Gil and had heard about this restaurant, but your write up seals the deal haha.... going there tonight! :)


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