Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So off to Argentina then

I recently saw a very twisted movie that at the time I kept on saying, "what the F Is going on?! This movie was called Mr. Nobody with Jared Leto. I kept thinking why in hell would such a fantastic actor agree to be in complete filth. I had wasted two hours of my life watching this movie. We kept on saying over and over again "que Malisimo!" It shows a man's life but in numerous different stories lines, what would happen if he chose to live with his mother or with his father? What would happen if he ended up with this girl or this one or this one? What if he didn’t choose at all? Life is in a weird limbo and you just need to decide.

I however came away to South America with no plans and no decisions I came to Colombia with the idea to go to Argentina and Brazil but then I couldn’t make any concrete plans so there I was still in Colombia not knowing what to do. If you don’t make a decision and you don’t know what to do, you just end up in the same place. I admit the idea of staying and traveling through Colombia sounded fantastic. It made sense and I was happy with that idea. I was going to eventually take the boat to Brazil. Then came an e-mail from the Brazilian; a flight with a decent price to Buenos Aires. I couldn’t get it out of my head. Argentina is so far away and hard to get to this may be my chance. I love Colombia but if I stayed would I leave? There I go again not deciding anything. I was like the boy in the movie just standing there looking towards the train leaving then back at the train station, where to go.

While people in my hostel were partying and drinking celebrating a birthday I booked a flight to Buenos Aires via Sao Paulo with Gol airlines. Plan A is back on, I am going to Argentina where I will meet up with Tracy number one. I know I do need to see more of Colombia and it’s a country I am very passionate about but I need to see other places before deciding Colombia is it. As much as I love the sun and the sand of the Caribbean, the coffee growers in the zona cafeteria, the heat and the rhythm of salsa, the stylish capital and the lovely colonial villages I know I need to see more. My itchy feet are telling me I need to discover more countries but perhaps they will bring me back here. Can anywhere live up to the Colombia that is in my heart? I will have to see and find out. If I want to be a travel writer I need to travel, right?

I need to head off to the Latin European fusion of Argentina with wine, mountains, The Pampas, tango, history, Che and Argentinean men. I am excited for something new and unknown, the adventure begins.

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  1. What a lovely trip you are having. You will enjoy a lot Argentina, you will not regret. Last week i spend some days at Buenos Aires at the buenos aires apartments and i get an incredible experience of the country. Good trip


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