Monday, April 18, 2011

Going the Distance

Alright so I am making a brief pause in my irregularly scheduled blog regarding my adventures in traveling to actually do some current writing. It does get a bit daunting when you have to play catch up with a blog. How does something that you created because you love to write become homework? Now that I am actually back to my writing after my brief hiatus whislt learning all things Brazilian, I should be writing away with my fingers racing across my "Tracy is too cheap to buy a real computer" HP mini. Instead I clean my room, search for jobs, stalk people on facebook and go out for drinks every night of the week just to avoid the homework of memories, people I have met and stories to tell that are piled up in my head. Why did I stop writing...well I will get to that just stay tuned to my sporadic blog.

In another attempt to avoid writing about my wine and bike tour in Argentina I downloaded the movie Going the Distance with Drew Barrymore whom I love and Justin Long who I would definitely go the distance for. Alright I admit it I am a sucker for Rom Coms despite the fact that I am perpetually single they make me all warm and fuzzy inside. It wasn’t just Justin Long who got me feeling the fuzzies this time though I actually got inspired to get off my ass and quit feeling sorry for myself. Drew Barrymore’s character is 31 years old and has returned to school to finally go after her dream at a journalism school to top it off.

The words of a close friend of mine have been ringing in my head since before I went for a job interview for a tour company, “If you REALLY wanted to be a writer you would already be one.” That was a bit hash and it still stings but feck if Drew Barrymore went back to school then maybe I should rethink things. I need to go the distance if I actually want to be a real writer and not a half ass blogger.

PS: Any Justin Long look a likes please apply here

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