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Travel in Bike: Wine Bike Tour in Lujan de Cuyo Mendoza, Argentina

Travel in Bike; Wine and Bike tour of Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza

Most backpackers go to Maipu to check out the famous wine region of Mendoza. I was lured to Lujan and after much havoc we stumbled upon Travel in Bike wine tours. It was the treasure at the end of our exhausting journey.

I have raved previously about the friendliness of Colombians, the hospitality and warmth of the people which I haven’t found in many other places. I found that here in the small town of Lujan in a little family business. A man and his pregnant wife greeted us with friendly smiles and quickly went about making sure we had everything we needed, getting us set up with bikes, water bottles, booking wine tours and giving us maps. They heard the hunger rumbling in our bellies and sent us next door for the craziest Argentinean wine and culinary experience.

Soon we had set off but we spent so much time with the Crazy Argie Chiqui next door that we were close to our first appointment across the road but not close enough to go so we went in the opposite direction to check out the scenery. The owner Marcos noticed us in the wrong direction and got in his car to make sure we were ok. We were surprised to see him and his concern for us but we assured him we were ok and happily cruising along. We toured Norton’s with the poshly dressed who were staying in local “simply charming” B&B’s. It was an extensive tour and very informative, we toured another winery before peddling like crazy to Chandon, the sparkling wine makers from Moet in France. At this point we skipped the tour and opted for a straight tasting. Upon arriving at Chadon Marcos called ahead to see if we made it ok and if everything was fine with our bikes, another little surprise that warmed our hearts. We made it back to his place all in one piece breezily peddling and feeling ever so bubbly from Chiqui’s homemade wine and the heavenly samples in the Bodegas.

Marcos took a group photo of us before we had to say goodbye to the hobbits and the Prince Williams. We were rewarded with bottles of homemade sweet red wine to enjoy in his beautiful garden with greenery and grape vines. Still peckish we ordered snack plates from his kitchen with olives, peanuts, meats and cheeses. This lovely couple and family to be's outstanding service care and concern was what made my experience so much more memorable. I am always a fan of giving my money to and enthusiastically recommending local deserving people and this couple was nothing but worthy.

I decided to contact Marcos for more background information for my blog he replied right away and remembered exactly when I was there and expressed how happy he was to hear from me. The care for his customers continues even after they leave the stunning wine region. Marcos Ibanez and his wife Paola celebrated the one year anniversary of their business this February. Previously Marcos worked in a shoe shop selling shoes while he studied marketing always with the desire to open his own business and provide outstanding customer service and care. His wife is a Doctor is a small hospital near to the village. She works in the mornings and helps him out in the afternoons. Both Marcos andvPaola’s families are from the Lujan area, the two met thanks to Marcos’ sister and have been together for three years. They have a little baby boy on the way due in two weeks, a future wine and bike tour guide.

If you are in the Mendoza area I highly recommend the Travel in Bike wine tour in Lujan. Stop in and say Felicidades to the new family for me!



Telephone: (0261)153530186/ 153530197 – 686*795/686*796

How to arrive?

You have to take Bartolome Mitre bus (#850) in the bus station, platform #57 or in Rioja St. (Across Alem St. To the south) They are in front of the Norton Winery.


  1. Great post... sounds like you had fun! The Wine/Bike tour in Mendoza is great, and there are many other great activities to do in the area -- not only wine tasting, but all kinds of outdoor adventure. For your next visit, you might like to see some further tips and advice from Vicky Baker's recent travel guide to Mendoza:

  2. I have never done a tour like that, but I have done a fair bit of travelling with my Montague folding bike - I kind of like being able to do my own thing, but I can see the appeal of a guided tour too...maybe I could still do the tour even if I used my own bike?

  3. Hey to the last comment it wasn't a guided tour you just take the bike and go! I am so not a fan of tours! Thanks for reading!!


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