Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drunken Thoughts in The Bogota Beer Company

I decided to take myself to dinner while my friend was working long hours in the law office. I ended up in the trendy neighbourhood of Usaquen in the Bogota Beer Company. Colombia’s answer to an after work pub.
I realized my alcohol tolerance has lowered after ¾ of a pint and I start to have drunken thoughts:
• I love beer
• Mmmmm Patacones
• He he he Patacone is slang for penis
• People in Bogota are so cool!
• This girl is so cool, she is really working her beret
• I should work my beret
• Did I just spend 9000 pesos on a beer?! Shit
• I’m drinking alone but I’m still cool?
• Maybe I should wear really big sunglasses when it isn’t sunny then I could be cool or “chevere”

• I wish I was chevere, one day
• Somebody has a really big present, I wish it was for me
• I am full of patacones.....he he he he
• I’m really not fashionable enough for this city
• No no no I’m really not vain enough for this city
• Another beer?
• Language problem, I asked for the menu and got the menu and another pint. I’m going to get drunk and go broke....alone

• I’m a loser
• I just sloped food on myself
• Cross legs in the opposite direction and everything will be ok
• Shit, I’ve discovered slop on the other leg
• I wish you could take beer to go. I’m stuck here with a full pint. Crap.
• Alright Beer it’s me against you. I will win I can drink you. I will drink you and escape; you do not have me trapped!

• A patacone really doesn’t look like a penis. I mean if you roll a penis over with a rolling pin then maybe but who does that?

• I wonder if I look drunk.
• I hope not
• Oh my god! I think I’m attracted to gay men!

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  1. Don't worry, it'll all be okay. Ilan from Pochon says hi. He said you were shy when you first arrived and they accidentally turned you into a monster. In a good way - fearless, gutsy, fierce. He gave me a red Hostel Pochon t-shirt.

    Love, Colleen


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