Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What six days in the jungle does to you

I love the outdoors and roughing it as much as I love luxury and being pampered. I felt completely comfortable on the trek. Although I am glad I wasn’t on it with a love interest, I stank! But I loved it! Sometimes its great to be single you can be dirty and smelly and it doesn't matter.

I was sweaty, dirty and smelly but it was great! I didn’t care. The instant you put clothes on they got soaked in sweat. By the second day all my clothes were filthy. I gave up caring and just enjoyed it. I also gave up showering in the showers. Why stand under a cold thin stream of water in a dirty shower when there is a river that you can swim in. If the locals could shampoo down there then I was going to as well. I’m sorry to admit this but the jungle also became my toilet. Not at the camps but along the way. I am proud to announce I did a number two in the jungle, much to the shock of the Londoners in my group. Yes I was pleased with myself enough that I had to share this fact with everyone. Dug a nice hole and covered it all up,it was a leaver! Come on I grew up in the country this was nothing.
I felt so comfortable there that I didn’t want to go back to civilization. I felt quite emotional leaving on the last day and getting back in the jeep bound for Santa Marta. I even liked the native’s potato sack looking outfits. I could totally sport one of those and make it fashionable, just add about 10 brightly coloured bead necklaces and a nice belt. They would take me in as one of their own and show me they’re ways. Instead I took my smelly ass back to the hostel where my bed, the pool, a beer and my friendly neighbourhood pizza man were waiting for me.

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