Friday, April 16, 2010

Semana Santa Colombian style

In Canada and lot of other countries we celebrate Easter with a bunny and chocolate eggs, the holiday seems to have lost its real meaning. I am a huge fan of chocolate but it is nice to see Easter celebrated like it should, as I did in Oaxaca, Mexico during Semana Santa a few years ago with a procession and a huge religious festival or in Colombia with a large group of friends on vacation together, drinking, relaxing and enjoying the heat.

I recovered quite quickly from my streak of bad luck with the help of Jack, Johnny and Jim. My three favourite men, although Johnny made me wake up in the maids bed, Jack made me a bit too flirty and Jim made me fall in the pool with all my clothes on...oops. Disgracie came out to play for the weekend.

I really wanted to hate my friend for tricking, kidnapping and forcing me to go on this trip with his university friends but it was really hard to do so. It was at a beautiful location in the heart of the coffee region with a swimming pool, mouth watering traditional Colombian food, plenty of alcohol and a fantastic group of people.
His friends, like most of the Colombians I have met are warm and welcoming. I really felt a part of the group. Most of them went to University together and they all live in Bogota, I was an outsider but never did I feel like it. As well most of them were couples but both the guys and the girls were open and friendly. There was always someone to chat to and always someone to have a round of pool with.
We went as a group to the Parque del Cafe, an entire amusement park dedicated to Coffee!! Upon entering the parking lot we all bought matching white hats, traditional to the region. We spent most of our time in the park taking group photos and standing in line for a ride. It really wasn’t a good idea to go to a park on a holiday weekend, the place was packed. It was still a fantastic experience for me though. I loved being a part of this group and going on vacation for Semena Santa like Colombians do every year.

It was a bit touch and go at times but overall it was a great kidnapping as far as they go in Colombia. The thing about me is I never stay mad and once someone has found a place in my heart they stay there forever, no matter what. I am so grateful for the amazing weekend I had in Armenia and the wonderful people I met, which I will always remember.

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