Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting out of a speeding ticket and into the paper

Most people are afraid of traveling to far and exotic places for fear of culture shock. I fear returning to my home country for the same reason. What awaited me back in Canada were pickup trucks, country music and the good ol’ hockey game. Not many things change in a small Canadian city, you can leave for years and return to the same bar scene with the same people having the same conversations and the same drama. I have become a pro at coming and going so this time it wasn’t so bad, although I didn’t have much time to think about it jumping into my new job after just 24 hours in the county.

I had to drive out to butt fuck nowhere Ontario to find a boat which is going to be my home for the summer. I was a bit late meeting my new boss for the first time and had bad directions. The roads were long and wide open I pushed down the peddle doing 40km over thinking how great the driving is here compared to the roads in Colombia when the sirens and lights went off behind me. Only 24 hours back in the country and I was going to get a speeding ticket. I explained to the police officer why I was speeding and shoved my bad directions in his face. My luck had finally changed when he let me walk away from a $400 fine saying as he returned to his cruiser, “I just saved you a lot of money.”

Then 48 hours after being back in Canada I appeared in my local newspaper. I was at the library’s semi annual massive book sale and fundraiser where I was picking up new books for my boat’s library. I was in the hobbies and collectors section when some woman with a video recorder started asking me questions about what I was looking for and buying. After telling her what I was doing and showing her my fantastic waterway finds she tells me I just made her top story.

Note: It isn’t too hard to make the top story in this town.
None the less I had a feeling the scales of fate had shifted and everything was going to be O.K.

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