Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gringa Trail Date Job Description; Applicant requirements

I recently attempted to sign up for an Internet dating site. Don’t get me wrong I have absolutely no problem meeting people and I don’t feel I need a relationship I am quite content how I am but at times I miss companionship and I can’t seem to find someone who fits my lifestyle. So I went on the free site I soon got frustrated and erased any personal information the site had on me and walked away from my computer outraged. I filled out a lame user name and my contact info but when I got to the application part I just couldn't bring myself to fill it out. They wanted to know what height of guy I would like, I don’t care how tall or short he is, I mean I don’t want a mini me but really if he is shorter I don’t really care. So I left that one blank, then there was the hair colour. You had to click on one hair colour. How can someone possibly only want to date men with black hair? That eliminates a whole lot of options. I tried finding the option for, “hair colour does not matter” but there wasn’t one. I had to fill out only one hair colour, what kind of site is this? How does this actually work? As far as the physical I don’t have one type and who really does? Plus I find people more attractive after I get to know them. If someone can make me laugh I find it really sexy. If you can hold my interest about a world issue and are passionate about your beliefs, I get a little excited. I remember going to school with a guy who I never looked twice at. He was good looking but I didn’t really pay much attention to him, until I saw him sing in a band.

This website isn’t designed for people like me at all. I wished I could just put up a profile of what a guy needed to capture my attention but it doesn’t seem to work that way. I then remembered a book I had read a few years ago, “Around the World in 80 Dates” by Jennifer Cox. It’s about a British woman who was a BBC travel journalist and the head of public relations for the lonely planet travel guide books. She decided to travel the world in 80 dates to attempt to find her soul mate and write about it along the way. She first wrote a relationship resume going through past relationship she had;

Date: The years they dated
Title: Relationship title e.g. first love
Company: Guy’s name
Major responsibilities: What they did together
Reason for leaving: Why the relationship ended

After that she wrote a soul mate job description giving information about her and what she is looking for in a soul mate in a job application manner. She then sent off the information to her “Date wranglers” friends, co-workers and acquaintances to help her find 80 dates all over the world. She tried to cover the globe as equally as possible. It turned out to be a very interesting book and made me think if I just gave out my criteria as picky as I may be I wonder what would happen?

The Gringa Trail date job description:Applicant requirements

*Above all, is funny and makes me laugh
*Loves to travel
*Educated – worldly educated or post secondary
*Open minded
*Likes music
*Would be nice if he could play an instrument
*Likes the outdoors
*Likes to read (books)
*Thinks I’m funny
*Interested in learning other languages
*Knows how to budget and manage his money
*In decent shape
*Wants more than just sex
*However loves sex and wants lots of it
*Gets along well with family
*Does not smoke
*Is not a pothead
*Works a seasonal job to allow for travel in the winter
*Is passionate
*Realize life is short and will live everyday to make the most of it
*Not care what other people think of him
*Dance when no one else is and to stupid music
*Be silly, completely silly
*Be serious when needed
*Is independent
*Prefers dogs over cats
*Strong but can be soft
*Gives good hugs
*Not afriad to try news things, espically food
*Is spiritual
*Culturally aware
*Has a good taste in music
*Allows me to be independent
*Encourages my dreams and aspirations however insane they may be
*Is not needy
*Is not a mama's boy
*Likes to cook and lets me cook as well
*Admits when he is wrong and calls me out when I am wrong
*Enjoys a good argument or debate
*Enjoys fine wine, an old whiskey or a real ale
*Dresses well but not better than me
*Knows the value of a dollar
*Is somewhat artistic or at least appreciates the arts
*Has his own dreams and aspirations
*Is manly – I’m the girl in the relationship
*Is able to teach me something
*Likes the summer over the winter
*Is patient
*Does not value money as important
*Does not value material possessions as important
*Not afraid to discuss his bowel movements and hear about mine
*Is physically active
*Realizes social status is a crock of shit

This list could go on, I realized at some point I needed to cut it off to give my readers a break. It was at that point I thought to myself as I read through the list of requirements for a job no one is really going to be willing to apply to, “I am screwed!”

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