Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sex and the City 2; A movie/cultural commentary

Deserts, Camel toes and disrespect, it made me missing the Middle East, but did my favourite television show and movie franchise go too far in the east?

I spent 8 months in Muslim countries which for a female is not the easiest place to travel in. Many of times there were fashion wars with my boyfriend regarding what I wanted to wear on the streets. I was a lot younger and didn’t own a pair of shorts that came anywhere near my knees and couldn’t understand why I needed to. It was the desert, it was hot and I wanted to wear my tank top! I became hard after many grabs of my ass by young boys and men glaring at me. I couldn’t leave my boyfriend’s side and when I was there people would ask him about me, I didn’t exist.

With everything however there is the good that comes with the bad, because I was female other women would talk to us and let us into their homes. We got to meet families and learn about their culture. Sure there is repression; you can’t even see the eyes or hands of some women, their burka covers everything with a black screen to look through which scared me in the beginning. After getting to know the scary people behind the black veils they don’t seem that scary anymore. I would chat with them in the Cairo zoo where I became the biggest attraction. I took one young girl to town dressed in her Burka so she could call a boy feeling grown up in her gown. The writers of the movie may have gone too far and pushed the cultural envelop but they did get a few things right, Muslim woman are fashionable. I swear the women of Cairo have a different scarf to match their skirts for everyday of the week. They are also slightly sexier and mysterious with just their eyes showing, it is true women in that part of the world are stunning. Don't even get me started on the fashionable and forward Queen of Jordan, the opitome of East meets West, with her progressive ideas and stronge traditional beliefs.

In the ending scene of the movie Samantha is singing hallelujah to lady liberty as she has a butt naked Dutch man nailing her on an American beach, meanwhile the Sun shine girl on page 3 is fully clothed, music videos don’t show nipples and you can’t say bitch on the radio. I wouldn’t be so quite to judge.

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