Friday, May 13, 2011

Charlotte Jewelers win the ring & the wedding; Help my friend win her wedding!!

I am interrupting my travel blog to gather help for something that is currently happening and very important. Now don’t think I am getting all mushy and sentimental on you because I am about to talk about weddings. An institution that I am not too fond of but popular opinion is against me as well as the majority of the people living in the quiet white picket fence, two kids and a dog type of town I am from. However I’d like to say I am a pretty frigin good friend. No matter how long you have known me I will have your back and do anything for you.

That said one if my very good friends from high school who I recently reconnected with last year has entered a contest to win a wedding. Big deal right?! Everyone gets married and well wouldn’t we all love our wedding paid for with a fancy ring? Well this isn’t just any ordinary girl; it also isn’t just an ordinary story. My friend Athanee is a wonderful girl with a big heart. She is an elementary school teacher and loves to travel. She has an amazing sense of humour, loves to have fun and also would do anything for a friend. I became good friends with her in high school but she also had a different life living in another town but traveling into the city to attend the French program at our school. Jon was a part of that other life. Below is the story Athanee submitted for the contest. Take a read and do me and my friend a huge favour, go onto facebook by following this link and vote for Athanee and Jon.

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Not only am I a good friend I am also very competitive so I am determined that she wins!

The Heart Will Go On...and on. By Athanee Wrightly

This love story begins with two kids, age 14, hanging out with friends on long summer days in the small town of Havelock, ON. She has lived here her whole life, surrounded by a large extended family (think Kennedys, only with less money and fewer assassinations). He has recently moved to town with his single mom. She is really glad to see a new face in town that isn't another one of her cousins. She spends her days delivering big city newspapers in the form of the Peterborough Examiner and running a children's summer camp. He works part time in the local doughnut shop / café. They follow each other around like a couple of lost puppies, or so it has been told. They spend almost every day together. But, of course, they are not “dating”. They do everything together, such as swimming, biking, playing hockey, going to dirt bike races watching movies, going to high school dances (He still remembers what she wore to their first dance!). But, they are still not dating. They exchange grade 8 graduation pictures (which, by the way, they each still have tucked safely away). But they are still not dating. They are much too young and carefree for that. That's not to say they don’t both have secret feelings for each other, even back then. As the first few years of their friendship go by, they become closer and closer. Then, he suddenly has to move away to get out of a violent home situation. You might think this would be the end of a simple “puppy-love” relationship...but it is only the beginning. He leaves town without telling her. Years later he admits that it was because it was too painful to say goodbye. After finding out where he has disappeared to, she calls him. He invites her for a friendly visit to his new apartment in Burlington, where he is living with his older brother. Turns out, it is only after he moves 3 hours away that the now 16 year olds finally start admitting (to others and to themselves) that they are an item, long distance as it may be. They both finish high school, and decide to go their separate ways. She heads off to university in North Bay. He moves again, further south this time to Listowel. They each want the other to be happy and free to experience the world. And they do, each in their own way. She works on her teaching degree and travels the world. He works and continues to expand his knowledge of various trades. They remain friends and continue to support each other through difficult times in their lives, even if it is just by phone. After about a year apart, they both end up back where they started, springtime in their small town. He begins helping her parents build their unique, off the grid, dome house. He winds up staying over in a tent more often than he goes home. They spend a lot of time together, as “just friends”. But, all of the old feelings between them soon start to come back, only this time in a more mature, grown up way. Before you know it, they are back together. In the fall, she has to return to school. He stays and lives with her family. Her parents, her brother, her grandparents, and all of her extended family think of him as their own. He just fits in so well. They say they won't give him up for anything, no matter what. Over the next few years, the two visit each other as much as they can. But, he respects and nurtures her freedom to learn and to travel (she calls him once from the top of Mount Cameroon in Africa). They trust each other completely. They continue to be there for one another through the ups and downs of life. They go through car accidents, job loss, depression, and her mother being diagnosed with cancer. When her grandfather passes, they both suffer the loss, as he has quickly made his way up the favourite grandchild list. Although these events can be trying on a relationship, it all brings them closer and makes their love even stronger. They have seen most of their friends get married. Many have even started having children. They have unfortunately seen some of these marriages fall apart. But, they learn from all those around them, good and bad, and stay strong. Everywhere they go, they hear “When are you two going to get married?” and “Why haven't you done it yet?” They have endured this constant questioning for years. It has now been 15 years since they first met, 13 years since they first got together. They have accomplished many individual and common goals, and have overcome many obstacles. They own a home together, have careers and have started their getting a dog who they love like a child. They know, from experience, that love can sometimes be hard, but they are committed to living happily ever after. It seems that after all these years, this story about two best friends is missing just one teensy, tiny, little, thing...A RING!

Now that you know the story give this girl with a goddess inspired name the wedding myths are made of, go onto facebook and vote! Thank you!

Click here to vote for Jon and Athanee

Aw... embarassing high school photo

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