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Everything you need to know about getting a Brazilian Visa (Mostly from Argentina)

Australians, Canadians and Americans and all need a Brazilian tourist visa to enter Brazil. It is complicated and a pain in the arse for a backpacker to do from their home country for many reasons. However you can get a Brazilian visa from other Latin American countries. If you are entering from Argentina there are two options; the first option which I went through is thoroughly detailed below for you which is going through the consulate in Buenos Aires. The second option is if you are entering through Iguazu falls. I met many people who did this route and it worked out fine I didn’t want to chance it myself but I found the info on the lonely planet website so it is all here for you.

If you are entering through another country then you need to check with the Brazilian consulate there but it should be just as easy. I have heard people acquiring one in Panama with no problem. If you are flying directly to Brazil then you will need to go through the process in your own country.

OPTION # 1 Consulate in Buenos Aires

I got mine done in Buenos Aires and this is the website you need to go to

on there click on where it says vistos/visas in the left hand column then scroll down and click on tourist visa. Then it will say you need to make an appointment so click on the icon to bring up the calendar to make your appointment. when you pick the day and time you want make sure a number comes up and keep that number you have to have it when you go for your appointment.
Once you have made the appointment on the same page you will see this info at the bottom:



To apply for the visa, it is necessary to make an appointment calling to the following telephone number: (5411) 4515-6525 (from Monday to Friday, from 09am to 2pm and from 3pm to 5pm). - They don't want you to call so don't bother just make the appointment online

Documents required in order to apply for a tourist visa in the General Consulate of Brazil in Buenos Aires:

VISA APPICATION FORM - on the site this is a link for the form just fill it out and send it off then print it off to bring

PASSPORT, valid for six months at least


A ROUNDTRIP TICKET TO BRAZIL - Not really necessary they didn't ask if I had a flight out but I bought a flight just in case but they didn't ask to see the info. You can show up with a bus reservation and show them they accept reservations

PROOF OF HOTEL RESERVATION - again they didn't ask me but they may

A BANK STATEMENT identifying the account holder (CHECKING AND/OR SAVINGS ACCOUNT) - CURRENT and PREVIOUS MONTH, as well as the presentation of CREDIT CARDS and a printed copy of them. You may also have to present a WORK PROOF (employment contract or letter from employer) and EARNING STATEMENT (PAY CHECK);

  • They didn't ask for this one either but I just print off my internet banking statement and photo copied by visa card

If STUDENT, original and copy of STUDENT CARD;

Payment of a PROCESSING FEE. Click on "Tabela de Emolumentos" (www.conbrasil.org.ar) to check updated prices.
You pay for it after your appointment they will give you a piece of paper with the cost. As a Canadian I paid 273 pesos (around $70). You take the paper and go to Itau around the corner to pay, you keep the reciept and give it in when you collect your passport

Visa for minors under 18 years old: Please contact the Consulate at the following e-mail: visaturista@conbrasil.org.ar

Please note that the requirements above are not all-inclusive. The Consulate may request additional information and/or documentation deemed necessary.

For additional information please send an e-mail to: visaturista@conbrasil.org.ar

It depends on how busy the office is how long it will take my friend went the end of Dec and it took 3 days I went Jan 06 and they told me to return the next day and it would be ready. In Buenos Aires I haven't heard it taking any longer than 3 days.

Directions to the consulate in Buenos Aires;
Carlos Pellegrini 1363
5th Floor

Take the Subte to Plaza General San Martin you will be on Santa Fe walk west until you get to Carlos Pellegrini then turn right walk until you get to 1363 its not too far.

OPTION # 2 Puerto Iguazu – This is copied from the Lonely Planet from another traveller’s experience

“If you are already in South America (Argentina) and have the option of getting your visa at Puerto Iguazu INSTEAD of Buenos Aires DO IT... it is a one day turn around and you get to see the most amazing waterfalls in the process!
Fill out the visa application form online and drop it off at the consulate with one passport photo between the hours of 8-11 am, it is two blocks away from the bus station on Cordoba on the right hand side, so my suggestion is to take a bus which arrives in Iguazu early (mine left BA at 1 arrived at 7am) so you can drop your paper work off and head to the falls straight away.. You only really need one day to see the falls, and one night accommodation, so you can pick up your visa the following day at 11 am. The cost was 588 Argentine pesos, (140us$ depends on your nationality) which you pay when you drop it off. The visa I was issued is valid for 90 days at a time for ten years, it was virtually hassle free, I did not have to show any sort of return flight information, or bank information only the online form!”

Good luck and enjoy Brazil it’s amazing!!!! Vale la pena!

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  1. I recently got my Brazilian visa in Iguazu Falls. I am Canadian and paid 273 Arg pesos.
    A couple of things to note: you MUST have exact change, which is not always easy to come by.
    Also, they only thing that runs on time in South America is the consulate. They are VERY sticky about the 11 am deadline. Five minutes late and you will have to wait until the next day!
    Happy Travels!


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