Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting you caught up for the next trip

Alright blog fans and my lovely friends who actually read this, I know I have tried to catch up on my blog. I thought I would be able to all summer and I did try every now and then but as I am packing at 2am getting ready to leave for the UK I am thinking this just isn't going to happen.

I will add posts about Brazil, I have to it was so amazing I need to tell the stories but I really do want to get back on with the writing and it would be nice to post in real time. I have written some posts over the summer so I am going to quickly bring you up to March 2011 then I am going to bombard you with postings and get you caught up to now. So when I am whittling away the hours at the airport and on my planes and trains I can tell you my amazing, funny and awe inspiring stories!

"ha ha yeah right." you say, "We would all like to see you get off your lazy arse and write some."
I have faith in myself this time!

Ok so in my postings I was writing about how polticially incorrect Brazil is and how it really isn't so bad.

After that we went to Rio spend two weeks there for free (wait for the posting will explain more about that later) and studied portuguese. We hung out on the beach a lot and did some sight seeing but enjoyed living in Jardem Botanico.

We took a trip to Ilha Grande then a flight up tp Salvador. Salvador we found was a bit sketchy. We then went to the most beautiful places in Brazil!! Itacare, Boipeba and Moros de Sao Paulo. If anyone tells you Florianopolis is beautiful and a fun place to party than obviously they haven't been to these amazing beaches. On a Tracy scale of awesome (1-10)they get a 20!!!!

Then it was time for carnaval so we headed away from the crowds of Rio and Salvador and went to Recife and it was F*%@ing amazing!!! I reccommend Recife Carnaval to anyone! It was the Shiz Nazz! We stayed in a house of 40 people and whoah do I have some funny storeis about that place.So please stayed tuned I will eventually fill you in on all that fun, I promise!

So that brings us to the end of Brazil. I took a flight back to Canada (what was I thinking?!?) and Tracy got a flight to Colombia. Biggest regret of my life. She flew in right in time for a Shakira concert (my idol).

Alright get ready for some blog ready folks!!

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