Monday, October 17, 2011

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Through my travels in the past years I have collected many things. I have collected photos, charms for my grandma’s charm bracelet, hippy bracelets, memories and my most cherished collection of all; Friends. I have met the most amazing people on my travels. I have met true friends and deep and meaningful relationships. Don’t get me wrong I have also met wankers dickheads and bitches.

The friends I have made while traveling have stayed with me with each step I took and each border crossing I made. They were parts to a story; they gave me advice, friendship and comfort. They were my family on the road. I have randomly met up with a few after meeting in a far off land, including Tracy my soul sister, who I wouldn’t know what I would do if I didn’t have her at the other end of this internet connection. I also saw Cameron and Paul again whom I met in Nicaragua when I had no money and didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going (do I ever?). We all ended up in Canada near Toronto at the same time. I got to see David and Andrea in Honduras who I met in Egypt. They were able to see the single strong and independent me. Also from the same Egypt trip was Max, crazy Argentinean Max who was the most kind, caring and amazing host in Buenos Aires. I will always think of him as my Javier Bardem. There was the Canadian couple who picked me up on my way to a coffee finca in Salento Colombia, we met up again in my home town for Mexican and I was amazed and excited to hear of their motor bike trip to Mexico, Jacque’s trip to Bolivia and their plans for China.

It seems as though with these friends, these fellow travelers and vagabonds we can just pick up where we left off. We swap travel stories, catch up on life and share dreams of future travels. Years can go by and arms and hearts are always open. I have collected a lot of great friends along the way but most of the time I do not see them again as I am always off to a new adventure in a warm land. Well this year I am doing something different, this year I am not heading south. What?! Shocking I know!!

People collect many things some collect country flags on their backpacks, eventually the pack gets full and there are so many that you can’t really remember what makes each important and dear to you. Maybe it’s best to go back and revisit some and build on them. I will build on the friendships I have made and see people in their homeland because it was them that made my travels special. If it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t have been laughter, sadness, pure enjoyment, adventure and risk. There would have just been a site, a place, a building and a landscape.

So where am I off to after all this rambling...The United Kingdom!! (With a side trip to Germany)


I met you in Mexico X 3

I met you in Colombia X 5

I met you in Peru X 3

I met you in Greece X 2

I met you in Argentina X 2

I met you in Nicaragua X 2

I met you in Brazil

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