Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remembrance Sunday: Hereford England

Remembrance Day in an English village is a bit different than Remembrance Day in Canada.

(Yes, now you realize how far behind I am with my blog but hey at least I am writing in it in a somewhat regular basis and I have realized after looking at my blog reading lists my fellow traveler bloggers get wrapped up in the actual travelling and neglect their blogs as well so don’t judge I’m not the only one!!)

Right so back to Remembrance Day in England, it is acknowledged on November 11th and a moment of silence is observed on the eleventh hour, as well leading up to the day poppies are sold on the street but the difference is the real day is Remembrance Sunday. In Hereford, England where life revolves around the pub so does Remembrance Day. It is one of the busiest days of the year in the pub with young and old coming in for pints and to socialize with the community. The men are all dressed in suits and woman in dark coloured dresses with a burst of colour coming from their red poppies.

My friend had to work the morning in the pub so we were there early to see the day unfold. By 10:00am the first customer came in through the back patio but by noon after the Remembrance parade you could not move in the pub. I find a lot of places, especially back home lack this sense of community, I blame it on the fact that everything is so spread out and distances are so great in my country that among many reasons and problems with the modern age we live in. It was so nice to see young and old together drinking pints and eating the free pub fair that was supplied just for the special day. They all united for a very important day.

Lest we forget

Frederick Renwick - Front Line Gunner the Royal Canadian Army

Barbara (Bowman) Renwick – Royal Women’s Auxiliary Air force

My Grandparents

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