Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Train ride To Scotland: Communication the key to happiness

Now like I was saying in my previous posting (which you should have read!) it was only when I was alone did I meet some inspirational people, the type you meet only when traveling. The guy across from me on the train to Preston from Euston was one of those rare traveler types that actually get me.

He was studying Russian and I was writing eventually he struck up a conversation with me even though we were in the quiet car of the train. Everything he said about life, people and traveling was like taking words from my Tracy’s book of philosophies.

He informed me that people connect through communication and communication as in conversation is what makes people happy. That is why when traveling you form close bonds very quickly because you are forced to communicate, whereas in everyday life you are not forced to do so.

We talked about countries we love, books, music and talents. He told me everyone needs a talent if you do not have a talent then you only own things and “do” nothing. What was my talent? I thought perhaps I should give learning to play my guitar another go

He also stated the importance of letter writing, the actual act of putting pen to paper. He says it is more personal and people convey more emotions when something is written and not typed. He loved the fact that I was hand writing in my journal and as well had a separate book for my random ideas, blog postings and stories. the fact is though I am probably the world’s worst hand writer. When I got to a certain grade in school they told us we did not have to use cursive it was only recommended, so I said nuts to that! I hated cursive writing and I haven’t written in cursive since except for my signature, so I have messy loopy scribbly printing that marks the pages of my journals and notebooks which I never leave to go on a trip without.

This English Engineer living in Norway was a unique and rare person that I know I was meant to meet perhaps that was why he was sitting in my already reserved seat 8A and I didn’t ask him to leave. He inspired me to never stop traveling and exploring, he inspired me to meet the world and to keep on with my scribbly printing. Perhaps he is right communication is the key to happiness.

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